Welcome to a New Way of Learning

Click the above picture to be taken to a virtual walk-through of the space.

Lead Cyber Solutions wants to aid those entering the fields of computer science and cyber security by taking a different approach and leveraging the resources that a company actively working in the field is able to provide.  We believe that learning is most effective while doing, not just reading from a book.  We provide an environment where you can try new things and not have to worry about making mistakes.

Please contact us if you are interested in seeing what our facility has to offer.  We offer 1 free visit so you can come and experience for yourself.  You can find our contact info on our Contact page.

We hold workshops focusing on different skills that are relevant to the field.  Details can be found on our Event Calendar.

Browse through our Lab Facility to see some of what we offer.   We have a wide range of equipment available to our members to cultivate learning and promote continued education.

Pricing is listed under our Membership Pricing.  If none of our options fit your needs, contact us to discuss how we can best serve you.

Are you a school that wants to integrate our facility into your curriculum? Visit the School Partnership section for more information.