School Partnerships

We are proud to partner with local colleges and high schools to provide offsite lab faculties for the students to continue their education.  We create completely custom and unique lab exercises that are tailored to your curriculum and student’s needs. Students will have the opportunity to hone their skills in simulated environments that directly mirror the material being taught in the classroom.  Students can use the space to work independently or take advantage of the knowledgeable staff that can guide them through the uniquely designed lab exercises. Instructors at the Lab will have a host of certifications and background including Government, Private Sector, College Professors, CompTIA, CEH, CISSP, penetration testing field experience, and more.  The materials used in instruction comes from a mix of field work and LCS generated material, so they are never more than a year old.  Many of the skills require in person participation but where able, LCS can provide remote access to students wishing to work from home.

Sample college courses with the benefits are given below.  If you are a high school or college in need of something different, please contact us.

Introduction to Cybersecurity

As students entering the cyber security world, forming a strong understanding of the concepts and technology from the beginning is essential to being successful.  We can provide that through models and demonstrations of these concepts in action.  Concepts like “Vulnerabilities and Risks” can be shown through our network setups and computer systems.  Attacks like spoofing, password cracking, backdoors, etc can all be performed on our closed environment giving a greater understanding but posing no risk to outside devices.

Computer Networks

Students will get hands on experience with the physical equipment of network switches, routers, access points, and servers.  Our simulated networks will also allow them to use tools like Wireshark and Nmap to create their own network captures.  These networks have custom made packets of data being continuously transmitted over them that emphasize different protocols and network services.

Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

Hands on Labs designed to focus on key areas including Reconnaissance, Network Scanning, Wireless Access Exploitation, Network Traffic Analysis, Password Capture / Cracking, Malware: Experimentation & Creation, Web Application Exploitation, Log Analysis, and performing a penetration test on a network.  The Red Team vs. Blue Team setup will provide an engaging way for students to learn about the attack and defense.

Network Security

With a specific focus on Networking, hands on labs will include scanning, traffic analysis, network attacks, and securing a network.  Students will learn how attacks like Man-in-the- Middle are performed in order to better protect against threats in the future.  Labs will be designed to tie in closely with the weekly topics covered by the professor teaching the course.

Forensic/Electronic Discovery

Students are capable of applying the concepts of forensics that were learned in the classroom by doing live data recovery.  Labs can be setup with various devices including cell phones and computers.  Students will have to follow the steps to properly secure the device, recover the data, and do forensic analysis of the recovered data.  Stations will be preconfigured with both the hardware to read from devices as well as any professional software required.  Offices can be set up to mirror evidence gathering with all necessary materials provided including evidence bags, write blockers, etc.

Wireless Network & Security

We have equipment to support any exploration in wireless technology.  From 802.11 Networking to general RF, we have wireless access points, Alfa wireless cards, HackRF, RTL-SDR Dongles, Scanners, Transceivers, and a Proxmark.  We also have FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operators who passed federal exams concentrating on Antennas, Modulation, Bandwidth, and Frequency.  We are able to perform labs based around data capture, manipulation, and replaying.